Why Cruz should pick Carly for VP now!

Fiorina addresses a crowd Iowa
Fiorina addresses a crowd Iowa

Ted Cruz should announce on Wednesday that he has selected Carly Fiorina to be his VP.


  1. Trump is almost certainly going to win all five states on Tuesday. And not just win them, win them by enormous margins. As such, the media is probably going to spend Tuesday night and Wednesday asking whether Trump is now the presumptive Republican nominee. That is not a helpful narrative. And indeed it’s a narrative that could give Trump a boost in Indiana. With the so-called Cruz-Kasich pact now in place, a loss in Indiana would be a devastating blow to the Cruz campaign. Announcing that he has selected Carly Fiorina as his VP would disrupt that narrative and ensure he is able to hold on to a sizeable chunk of the media’s attention heading into Indiana.
  2. Announcing that he has selected a VP will make Cruz appear more presidential. Presidents pick Vice-Presidents. This is potentially valuable because one of Trump’s weaknesses, at least with voters who are on-the-fence about him, are concerns about whether he is presidential enough.
  3. Cruz would be placing a brighter spotlight on Carly Fiorina who has, without a doubt, been his most effective campaign surrogate to date. She is able to go after Donald Trump in a pointed, sharp manner that Cruz may not want to risk doing after seeing what happened to Senator Rubio. Indeed, Fiorina is responsible for what was probably Trump’s worst debate moment.
  4. Fiorina can dedicate herself to the campaign 24/7 in a way that a currently elected official could not. Neither Governor Scott Walker or Senator Mike Lee are likely willing to give it their all over the next month and a half on the likely to be quixotic quest to impede Trump from receiving the nomination.
  5. Fiorina is qualified for the position.

So get on with it Ted!

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