Four Thoughts about Day Two of the Republican Convention


  1. Megyn Kelly and Brit Hume opening the 9pm hour was kind of surreal. 

    To watch Brit Hume, who has publicly defended Ailes in recent weeks, discuss the convention with Megyn Kelly, who Drudge had earlier that day described as ‘twisting the knife’ into him, was an incredible media moment.

    Given the plethora of Fox News employees who have defended Ailes, how Kelly navigates the next several weeks will be a matter of some intrigue.

    On the one hand I find it hard to imagine that Hannity survives in its current form in a post-Ailes era and I can see his hour being taken over by Kelly. On the other hand, the resentment towards her within the company may become overwhelming and she may choose to leave for another network.

  2. Who exactly is Paul Ryan talking to when he declares “We Republicans”? 

    Paul Ryan declared that “Democracy is a series of choices” and then contradicted himself by continuing his speech with the phrase “We Republicans have made our choice.” Apparently, that ‘series of choices’ ended with the California primary.

    It is not clear to me that there is a group in American right now who would identify with the sentence opener “We Republicans”. If I had to guess, based on the first two days of this convention, I would say that a Republican is someone who doesn’t think Hillary Clinton should be President. Needless to say, this is not the kind of affirmative message a political party wants to be sending.

    This speech will also be remembered for the somewhat revealing and desperate phrase “Unity is everything.” That’s right. Paul Ryan’s message to the Never Trumpers whose conscience, principles and values won’t allow them to vote for a man who they believe unfit for the Presidency is ‘Unity is everything’. This phrase would be unconvincing even if Paul Ryan had at some point in this race chosen to share a stage with Mr Trump.

  3. Chris Christie couldn’t sell Donald Trump. So he didn’t try.

    Chris Christie opened his speech by declaring himself “Donald Trump’s friend for the last 14 years” and then spent the rest of his speech ‘prosecuting the case’ against Hillary Clinton.

    Christie mentioned Trump’s name 5 times in his speech. To put that into perspective, he mentioned Romney’s name 6 times in his widely lambasted convention speech four years ago.

    I understand what Christie was trying to do. But elections are a choice. In Hillary Clinton’s major foreign policy address in California in June, she ripped into Donald Trump’s foreign policy and qualifications. But she also contrasted them with her own. It was a two-pronged strategy. She laid out Trump’s shortcomings and juxtaposed them with her vision of her own strengths.

    That is the path that Christie should have taken.

  4. Tiffany Trump’s speech felt very un-Trump.

    Tiffany Trump was nervous, humble and sweet. Which is not what one has come to expect from the Trump family.

    In fact, she dedicated her entire opening paragraph to discussing how anxious she felt about giving the speech and then went on to declare “As a recent college graduate, many of my accomplishments are still to come.”

    This coming from the daughter of a man who has declared himself “more humble than you would understand.”

    It was refreshing. 

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